OSCEND is a Creative & Multipurpose HTML Template

Thank you for purchasing this item. We provide support for all of our Items at http://templines.com/, but please make sure you read this documentation first. Thank you so much!

If you are not familiar with HTML and CSS, I highly recommend that you to hire a specialist. It will save your time and you will get only positive emotions while using our product.

Let's look at the structure of Landing Page. It includes its own sections with content. On request you can add or remove sections of the site. Please, be careful when removing unwanted sections. It can cause errors in custom.js. All tags have to be closed properly.

Tools to help work:

Home Page Sections

section simple


section with beveled bottom effect


section with icon


section with dark background


Page preloading effect

It effect makes waiting process while page loading less boring for the user. Please just use this code.

Home page slider


we are oscend

flexible & universal
for all your business needs

we are oscend

flexible & universal
for all your business needs

Owl carousel



Main Styles and Scripts

In this theme we use SCSS for styles. The file structure is presented below.




scss/layout/ - in this folder base layout styles

scss/modules/ - in this folder modules styles (navigation, contact form, comments, etc.)

scss/themes/ - for different themes

scss/_sections.scss - styles for sections

scss/main.scss - core scss file

Theme js




Changelogs file changelog.txt